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We begin this briefing by welcoming to Federal University Lokoja, all the pressmen and women who have responded positively to our invitation to be here. I warmly welcome also the Management Team, Deans, Directors, Heads of Departments and Units, Staff, Students and indeed, all members of the University community who are here to witness yet, another historic moment in the life of our dear Institution, Federal University Lokoja.

Gentlemen of the press, I recall that in October 2016, I held a press briefing here in the same hall, on the Maiden Convocation of Federal University Lokoja, Kogi State. This time, the press briefing is to commemorate my one year in office as the Vice-Chancellor of this great University. I would like to use this medium to inform members of the ‘Division Four’ and the general public that by Divine Providence, His Excellency the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari GCFR had, in February, 2016 kindly availed me the opportunity of providing leadership to this young Institution, as Vice-Chancellor.

I therefore, assumed duty here as the Vice-Chancellor on February 25, 2016, in which case, February 25, 2017 marked exactly one year of my stewardship in Federal University Lokoja.
Although, the road has been gallopy, we have trudged on without minding the needless distractions that have characterized the journey so far. May I now recount our modest achievements over this period of one year.

Familiarization Tour of the University Campus and the Permanent Site at Felele

Upon assumption of office on 25th February, 2016, I quickly undertook a familiarization tour of the Campus at the Take-off Site at Adankolo, and the Permanent Site located at Felele along Abuja-Okene road, respectively where I came face to face with the academic and infrastructural development challenges amongst others, on the ground.

I also interacted with the various Heads of Departments, Directors and Heads of Units, as the case maybe, where I was adequately informed of some of the achievements and challenges of the various Departments and Units across the University.

With the briefings and familiarization tour of the University done, I then embarked on Courtesy visits to key personalities and stakeholders whose invaluable contributions are pivotal to the achievements of the tasks ahead, and as well, to familiarize myself with the new environment in which I found myself.

Permit me to inform you that I visited the Emir of Fika, and Chairman, Yobe State Council of Chiefs preparatory to his installation as the 1st Chancellor, Federal University Lokoja, His Royal Highness, Alhaji (DR.) Muhammadu Abali Ibn Muhammadu Idriss (CON) upon my assumption of office, the “Maigari”of Lokoja Alhaji (DR.) Muhammed Kabir Maikarfi (III), the Attah Igala and President, Kogi State Council of Chiefs, the Ohinoyi of Ebiraland, the Obaro of Kabba and lots of other very important personalities.

Appointment of Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Council approved the appointment of a Deputy Vice-Chancellor in its inaugural meeting held from 23rd - 24th March, 2016. Subsequently, the University Senate conducted keenly contested elections and having scored the highest votes, Professor Osagbemi Olayemisi Makanjuola emerged the winner. The result of the elections was forwarded to Council for ratification and he was appointed the Deputy Vice-Chancellor. He has since assumed duty.

Staff Verification and Proper Placement

Following several complaints/petitions and agitations by some members of staff and staff Union leaders of the University, the need for staff verification and a review of the placement process both at the point of engagement and promotion exercises became very necessary.

A Committee on Staff Verification and Proper Placement Exercise, under the Chairmanship of the University Librarian Dr. Ezra Shiloba Gbaje was set up by the Management of the University, and inaugurated on 17th May, 2016 with very clear terms of reference as follows:

a. To identify and verify each staff of the University.
b. To verify the genuineness of staff credentials and qualifications.
c. To determine the proper placement or otherwise of each staff at:
1. The point of appointment.
2. The point of promotion.
d. To confirm the State of Origin and Local Government of each staff.
e. To make appropriate recommendations to Management.

After having painstakingly received and deliberated on individual staff cases, requested their personal appearances to authenticate qualifications and credentials presented to it, the Committee prepared and submitted a Report on its findings, observations and recommendations to the University Management on 10th June, 2016.

The Report was subsequently processed to the Governing Council at its 2nd Meeting held on Tuesday, June 14, 2016 at the Adankolo Campus of the University, through the Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Council. Council at the stated meeting deliberated exhaustively on the Report and directed Management on the outcome of its deliberations, unequivocally.

Implementation of the Staff Verification and Proper Placement Report as directed by the Governing Council

Council had at its 2nd Meeting of June 13-15, 2016 resolved that Management should implement the June, 2016 Council decisions on the Report of the Staff Verification and Proper Placement Committee.

As part of the implementation of Council's decisions on the Report of the Staff Verification and Proper Placement Committee, a regularization of Appointment of one of the staff, a Cleaner II on CONTISS 2/8 for example, who was found by the Committee to have been upgraded and catapulted to Higher Executive Officer on CONTISS 7/1 on account of high level performance and possession of HND was carried out by the Management by organizing an Internal Interview after which a fresh letter of appointment was issued on the current rank of the affected staff. This had to be done in order to guard against arbitrariness, during the 153rd Management Meeting held on Monday, September 5, 2016 after which the Appointment was unanimously ratified by the Governing Council at its third meeting on Thursday, October 20, 2016 at the Council Chambers, Adankolo Campus, FUL.

Category A: Consists of forty five (45) staff recommended for downgrading, who instead, would lose their next promotion, and who have been so communicated.

Category B: Thirteen (13) staff recommended for upgrading who have been so communicated.

Category C:
1. Members of staff (7) recommended for step enhancement by one (1) step.
2. Members of staff (12) recommended for step reduction by one (1) step.
3. Members of staff (3) recommended for step reduction by two (2) steps.

Category D: Twelve (12) contract staff members that have been recommended for downgrading in grade level.

Category E: On grounds of work experience three (3) members of staff were recommended for enhancement in salary at the point of appointment. Their salaries were therefore, increased by two (2) steps e.g CONTISS 4/3 to 4/5 at the point of entry, CONTISS 9/1 to 7/3 at the point of entry and CONTISS 9/8 to 9/11 at the point of entry, respectively.

Category F: Six (6) members of staff are to forward their cases to the Appointments and Promotions Committee (A&PC) of the University.

Category G: One (1) member of staff was recommended for Interview and regularization after which a fresh letter of appointment was to be issued and that has been done.

Category H: Forty four (44) staff members are to forward the original copies of their WASC, SSCE, GCE or NECO Statement of Results and Degree Certificates, as the case may be, to the Registrar. Management is following up on this.

Category I: Twenty-six (26) members of staff should submit their Local Government Certificates of Origin or Certificates of Birth as the case may be.

Category J: Two (2) staff members were to be re-designated.

Category K: One (1) staff member was to be re-designated from CONUAS 1/4 to CONTISS 7 at the point of entry due to his Class of degree (3rd Class).

Category L: Two (2) staff members had age disparities.

Category M: One (1) member of staff was recommended for change of cadre and on salary of CONTISS 7.

Council had also directed that any appeals arising from the implementation should be forwarded to Council Senior Staff Appeals Committee (CSSAC) for consideration and transmission to Council.

Public Presentation of a Festschrift in Honour of Professor Gbenga Solomon Ibileye

The Public Presentation of a festschrift in honour of the erudite Professor Gbenga Solomon Ibileye was held as scheduled on May 5, 2016 and was very successful. Yours sincerely had served as the Keynote Speaker. The event attracted a number of dignitaries from all works of life including staff, students and the general university community. It is notable that this memorable event took place under my leadership as Vice-Chancellor.

Renovation of Administrative Block

Following the heavy windstorm of Saturday, 12th June, 2016, accompanied by rainfall which damaged the roof of the Administrative building, the Physical Planning and Development Department (PP&DD) carried out inspection of the building (on the directives of the Governing Council that was incidentally on the ground at the time) and came up with the Technical observations and recommendations. Council had at its 2nd Meeting of June, 2016 given anticipatory approval to Management to expend money on the renovation of the Administrative Building. The University Governing Council gave final approval for the renovation of the building after the Due Process activities were carried out diligently.

Strategic Meeting held by the University with the Friends of the University and Illustrious Sons and Daughters of Kogi State on August 13, 2016

In our efforts at exploring opportunities of Public-Private Partnership for the development of our infrastructure and services, our University hosted a Strategic Meeting with Friends of the University and Illustrious Sons and Daughters of Kogi State on the 13th August, 2016. We had wonderful interactions with stakeholders who contributed generously and had pledged to always partner with the young and promising University.

The initiative of organizing such a meeting was aimed at establishing a good relationship between the University and its immediate community.

The financial support by staff members of 1% of their salaries and the N50,000.00 donated by the students which had gone into the planning of the meeting and the donation of Ten Chickens by Mrs. Adukwu towards the provision of entertainment for the meeting were all contributions and good gestures which matter more than the naira value of the donations. The University Public Relations Officer has been directed to keep-in-touch with the friends of the University and the University's Alumni in order to sustain the relationship.

Unionism on Campus

During the period under review, the ban on Students' and Staff Unionism in the University was lifted. All staff Unions on Campus are operating legitimately without let or hindrance. The Students' Union carries out the activities of the Students' body with much decorum and responsibility.

Additionally, several Committees were inaugurated during the period under review some of which include: Resource Mobilization Committee, Permanent Site Development Committee, Committee of Deans and Directors, Sports Development Committee and Library Development Committee amongst others. This was aimed at providing the platform for every staff to participate and contribute meaningfully to the development of the Institution.

Maiden Convocation of the University

I am delighted to inform the fourth Estate of the Realm that all the Maiden Convocation events starting from Tree Planting, Novelty Football Match, Inaugural Lecture, Convocation Lecture, Chancellor's Procession, Installation of the Chancellor, Endowment Fund Launching, Recognition Awards, Conferment of Honorary, Posthumous and Regular Degrees were carried out successful. The Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Council along with other members of Council were in attendance at all the events, with the Pro-Chancellor participating in the tree planting and also kicked off the Novelty Match. To God be glory.

It’s noteworthy that our young, dynamic and fast growing University has produced 201 graduates out of which 15 students emerged with first class honours degrees! It is our hope that they would stand as shinning patriots and worthy ambassadors of the University.

Federal University Lokoja Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund was launched during the Maiden Convocation ceremony held on October 22, 2016. The University launched N5 Billion Endowment Fund out of which N68,300,000.00 (in cash, Cheques and pledges) was realized. At this juncture, we wish to sincerely thank all those who made commitments to supporting this noble cause especially the Chief Launcher, Co-Chief Launchers and very distinguished personalities, sons and daughters of Kogi State who had also graced the occasion with their eminent presence and support.

The Endowment Fund Appeal is still open for well-meaning individuals who may wish to contribute. Federal University Lokoja Endowment Fund e-Collection domiciled with the Central Bank of Nigeria are as follows:

Account Name: Federal University Lokoja Endowment Fund e-Collection
Account Number: 0270497561048

We appreciate most especially His Excellency the Governor of Kogi State Yahaya Bello and his entire cabinet who had not only honoured us with his esteemed presence at the Convocation but above all, he had pledged to secure the University's Permanent Site with befitting Perimeter Fencing. We look forward to partnering with the State in creating and sustaining opportunities on all fronts for the benefit of Kogi State and the nation at large.

On-going Projects for Programme Upgrade

The Governing Council also approved the award of contracts under the 2014 TETFund Normal Intervention Projects and the 2014/2015 TETFund Normal Intervention Projects in Library Development. These include:

A. 2014 TETFund Normal Intervention Projects:
a. Construction of Departmental Office Block
b. Construction of Multi-Purpose Complex
c. Construction of Block of Laboratories and Classroom Complex
d. Furnishing of Departmental Office Block
e. Furnishing of Multi-purpose Complex
f. Furnishing of Block of Laboratories and Classrooms

B. 2014/2015 TETFund Normal Intervention Projects in Library Development:
a. Procurement of Assorted Books for Library Titles in Biology, Computer and Political Science.
b. Procurement of Assorted Books for Library Titles in Chemistry, English Language and Geography.
c. Procurement of Assorted Books for Library Titles in Economics, Geology, Mathematical Sciences and History.
d. Procurement of Computers and Printers
e. Procurement of Library Furniture and Multimedia Equipment.
f. Procurement of E-Resources, Software and Journals.
g. Procurement of Reprographic and Bindery Equipment.

TETFund Special High Impact Project: Take-off Supplementation Intervention Phase I and TETFund Normal Intervention for the Year 2016

Infrastructure is key to attaining our goals. Therefore, in the coming year, we want to give attention to accelerated movement to the Permanent site of the University through accelerated development of infrastructure and related facilities in order to enable increase in carrying capacity of our programmes.

The availability of funds is critical to attaining our objectives. I am happy to announce that the Federal Government through the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) has provided take-off supplementation support to the twelve (12) new Federal Universities in the country in order to raise the standard and quality of public tertiary education in Nigeria, among which Federal University Lokoja is one. To this end, our University has been allocated the sum of Two Billion Naira (N2,000,000,000.00) only as Special High Impact Project; Take-off Supplementation Intervention Phase I. The support is meant to be used for Programme Upgrade and the Provision of Physical Infrastructure for teaching and learning. In this vein, our proposals for accessing the funds are purely of academic relevance and for addressing deficiencies in core areas of teaching and learning facilities and resources, as directed by the TETFund.

Additionally, the TETFund has allocated the sum of One Billion, Nine million, Four Hundred and Ten Thousand Naira (N1,009,410,000.00) only for the 2016 Normal Intervention that would cater for the following intervention lines:

i. Physical Infrastructure/Program Upgrade
ii. Academic Staff Training & Development
iii. Library Development
iv. Conference Attendance
v. Institution-Based Research
vi. TETFund Project Maintenance
vii. ICT Support
viii. Entrepreneurship Centre
ix. Academic Research Journal
x. Academic Manuscript Development

2017 Budget for Capital Projects

The 2017 Budget for Capital Projects amounting to the sum of One Hundred and Seventy Four Million, One Hundred and Ninety Nine Thousand, Four Hundred and Sixty nine Naira (N174,199,469.00) only was only a part of the bigger budget forwarded by the University to the tune of Three Billion, Two Hundred and Twenty Two Million, Nine Hundred and Seventy Seven Thousand, Six Hundred and Forty Eight Thousand Naira, One Kobo (N3,222,977,648.01) only for various Capital Projects. However, with the current efforts being made by the Pro-Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor in sourcing for funds, it is hoped that the University's appropriated budget would be much more than the envelop given by the Budget Office of the Federation.

In addition, the sum of Eleven Million Nine Hundred and Twenty Eight Thousand Naira (N11,928,000.00) only was included in the 2017 Budget for the payment of Staff/Student Ratio Allowance for Technologists and other earned allowances for other categories of staff.

Our University has since defended its 2017 Budget Proposals before the Senate and House of Representatives Committees on Tertiary Education and TETFund and Tertiary Education and Services respectively.

Strategic Partnerships

While we explore partnership locally, we intend to throw our nets wider a field, both within and outside Nigeria as a way of enhancing the quality of our courses. Such partnerships will strengthen the quality of our programmes and create greater opportunities for our Staff and Students both within and outside the Country.

Partnerships and collaborations have been sought with the Government of Kogi State, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), the Nigeria Liquified Natural Gas (NLNG) Limited, the Petroleum Development Trust Fund (PDTF), the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), M-Tel and the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation for various projects intervention.

Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education, Innovation and Reform (SPHEIR) Programme

This is a new competitive grant scheme established by the UK Department for International Development (DFID). It is designed to catalyze innovative 'Partnerships' in low-income countries (LICs) such as ours, to improve the performance, governance and influence of higher education systems and Institutions.

This Scheme (SPHEIR) is managed on behalf of DFID by a consortium led by the British Council.

A detailed proposal for a grant of £1,000,000.00 has since been submitted on behalf of Federal University Lokoja, in collaboration with the University of Huddersfield and Nottingham Trent University all in the United Kingdom for human capacity development in Entrepreneurship development for the University.

The Statistics of Students' Admissions into the Various Faculties and Departments for 2016/2017 Academic Session

The University received 2,727 applications for admission into the two Faculties: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and Faculty of Science. Out of the 2,727 applications, 1,434 candidates were offered provisional admissions to the various programmes run by the University. 1,371 candidates accepted the offer of admissions and they have been registered. The statistics of 2016/2017 intake are as follows:

S/No Department No. of Students
1 Economics 145
2 English & Literary Studies 130
3 Geography 80
4 History & International Studies 146
5 Political Science 152
Subtotal 655

S/No Department No. of Students
1 Biological sciences 159
2 Chemistry 109
3 Computer Science 156
4 Geology 114
5 Mathematical Sciences 103
6 Physics 75
Subtotal 716
GRAND TOTAL (655 + 716) 1,371

Matriculation of Students for the 2016/2017 Academic Session

Within the period under review, the university matriculated a total of 1,371 students comprising 654 students in Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and 716 students in Faculty of Science. The milestone is laudable. Today, the university has a total number of 3,017 students and a total of 896 staff comprising Academic and Non-Teaching Staff. In addition, the university held a successful and detailed orientation programme for the 1,371 students admitted in the 2016/2017 academic session. It is a notable fact that two of our students were shortlisted for the MTN Scholarship Award.

Deanship Elections

In line with the University tradition, Deanship elections were conducted in the two Faculties successfully, namely Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Science on Friday, 9th December, 2016.

At the end of the elections, and having satisfied the elections requirements by scoring the highest number of votes cast, respectively in each of the two Faculties Professor David Irefin and Professor Sunday Eric Adewumi were declared Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and Faculty of Science respectively. The University therefore, now has a new set of elected Deans since its inception in 2011.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press, you will agree with me that this is history being made for our young but fast growing Institution.

Appointment of Heads of Departments/Dean of Students Affairs and Dean of the Proposed School of Post-Graduate Studies

Sequel to the expiration of the tenure of the former Heads of Departments and Dean of Students Affairs who had held sway since the inception of the institution, the University Management has appointed new Acting Heads of Departments/Ag. Dean of Students Affairs who will serve a tenure of two (2) years in the first instance. A Dean for the Proposed School of Post-Graduate Studies has equally been appointed.

Consideration of Submissions on the University Draft Conditions of Service and Scheme of Service.

The appointments and Promotions Committee of Council considered and reviewed the draft Conditions of Service for the University and recommended to Council for consideration and approval accordingly. Council had at its 5th Meeting on 4th February, 2017 considered and approved the reviewed Conditions of Service for the Senior Staff of the University.

Work on the Conditions of Service for Junior Staff and the Scheme of Service for the Staff of the University is on-going.

Faculty of Science Re-Accreditation

Inauguration of the Faculty of Science Re-Accreditation Implementation Committee was held on 6th January, 2017 where members were advised to work closely with the University Administration to ensure the success of the accreditation exercise coming up later in the year. Towards this end, an In-house Seminar was organized on January 11, 2017 at the Council Chambers in order to refresh members on the requirements for accreditation.

Appointment of New REGISTRAR for Federal University Lokoja

Notably, ladies and gentlemen of the Press, the 5th Meeting of the Governing Council which held on the 4th of February, 2017 saw the appointment of the new Registrar of the University in the person of Mr. Suleman Usman Obansa, a very unassuming, seasoned University Administrator who has worked all his life, and garnered experience in and from the University System.

The process began when the out-gone Registrar Mrs Habiba Anavoza Adeiza drew the attention of Council to the date of February 15, 2017 on which her tenure was to expire from the date of the meeting of Council. Council immediately swung into action by considering and approving the draft advertisement for publication in the National dailies; the Appointments and Promotions Committee (A&PC) met after six (6) weeks of publication and shortlisted candidates and the interview was conducted beginning with a computer-based test on 3rd February, 2017. The Result of the interview was processed to Council after which the current Registrar who scored the highest marks was consequently recommended by the Panel of Interviewers to the Governing Council and was therefore, appointed by the 2nd Governing Council at its 5th Meeting on 4th February, 2017, as the substantive Registrar of Federal University Lokoja, Kogi State. Mr. Suleman Usman Obansa therefore, succeeded the pioneer Registrar as the 2nd Registrar for the University as I am (Professor Angela Freeman Miri) the 2nd Vice-Chancellor for the thriving Institution. So help us God!

External Engagements by the Vice-Chancellor

1. The Participation of some Council Members at the Executive Education programmes II organized by Committee of Vice-Chancellor/Association of Vice-chancellors of Nigerian Universities (CVC/AVCNU) for Pro-Chancellors and Members of Council from November 1-4, 2016. The theme of the Conference which took place at Best Western Plus Hotels, Ikeja - Lagos was: "Rethinking, Retooling and Revitalizing University Education in Nigeria was a huge success. Several papers on various topics were presented to the galaxy of participants at the conference. Of particular interest was the paper presented by our Pro-chancellor and Chairman of Council, Emeritus Professor Nimi Dimkpa Briggs on the topic "Revitalizing the University through Research and Advancement" which was well received by participant.

2. The Vice-Chancellor's Visit to France: The National Universities Commission (NUC) had nominated me to visit French Universities and to participate in "Campus France Open Day" from 5th - 11th November, 2016 in Paris. This provided a platform for collaborations/partnerships with French Universities/Higher Institutions which are categorized and classified based on the contents of their curricular offerings and specialization.

3. 2016 Nigeria Higher Education Summit from November 21-23, 2016.

4. National Universities' Commission Maiden International Lecture Series on Global Rankings and the Nigeria Higher Education System Held on 2nd December, 2016.

Attendance at Convocation Ceremonies of Some Sister Universities across the Country.

I have attended several Convocation Ceremonies of some sister Universities across the Country and have presented Goodwill/congratulatory messages from Federal Universities Lokoja on behalf of the Governing Council, Management, Staff and Students of our University to the Vice-Chancellors of those other Universities. These have also accorded Federal University Lokoja visibility or publicity among the comity of universities in the country, especially among the twelve (12) newly established Federal Universities in Nigeria.

Sporting Activities

The saying that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy is not undermined by this administration. We have held Inter-Faculty Sports Competitions. Again, the Student Union Executive arranged a tournament which was won by the Geology Department. Also, our university celebrates annually our talented students via a platform called FUL’s GOT TALENT and this has enabled us to identify and encourage our students that are talented. This event has taken place within the period under review, precisely from July 20 to 23, 2016.

In a similar vein, staff had participated in different sport competitions among which are: the 12th Edition of the Nigerian Universities Staff Sports Association (NUSSA) in Kaduna, and CampDavid Soccer Championship that took place in Lokoja at the Confluence Stadium. In all the sporting events that the staff participated they won medals.

The University Administration has continued to encourage both staff members and students to be actively involved in both recreational and physical activities in order to improve on their fitness thereby, enhancing their productivity or work output.

My Vision for the University

I have articulated and presented my Vision to drive Federal University Lokoja as a new model of a well-run World Class University to the 2nd Governing Council of the University, and had presented same publicly to the University Community, and the invited Guests at the Maiden Convocation held on 22nd October, 2016.

The Vision is meant to guide our actions for the growth of this young but promising University, its immediate community and the nation in general.

As I had stated during the Maiden Convocation, and I reiterate it here that Federal University Lokoja has the advantage of being located in an environment that has a wide range of potentials. Our goal is to support the full exploitation of these potentials as a research oriented institution. In Lokoja and Kogi State in general, there is hardly any resources that is not available. It is a Centre of Agriculture, solid minerals, oil and other natural resources. Its potentials for generating power and maritime opportunities have hardly been explored. We will appreciate your sustained partnership in order to achieve our noble goals in this regard. In line with the primary role of the University, we plan to develop and strengthen more and diverse academic programmes that will provide opportunities for young Nigerians to start the journey of excelling in diverse fields of human endeavour. Through our academic programmes and specialized centres, we will support the exploitation of natural resources as well as the tourism industry in the State.

Partnership is key to attaining our noble goals for this University and the Nigerian Nation. It is for this reason that I am pleased to note that since I came to this University, I have been quite impressed with the welcome received from all segments of the community. We shall work to further strengthen the partnerships that are already existing between us and the community so that we are in a position to serve you better and grow to be a beacon of not only this environment but the Nigerian nation and the global community. I assure you that I will use the opportunity of being here to provide a leadership that is beneficial to the community by being innovative, strategic, competent, passionate, compassionate, interactive with a strong and credible team.


We give gratitude to the Almighty God for making this day possible and we extend our sincere appreciation to our proprietors, the Federal Government of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR, the Hon. Minister of Education, Mal. Adamu Adamu; our supervisory body, the National Universities Commission (NUC) under the purposeful leadership of the Executive Secretary Professor Abubakar Adamu Rasheed; our revered Chancellor, HRH Alhaji (Dr) Muhammadu Abali Ibn Muhammadu Idriss CON, the Emir of Fika and Chairman, Yobe State Council of Chiefs on whose shoulders providence has placed the titular headship of this University. We are highly encouraged by his fatherly role and advice to staff and students on the need for cooperation with the Management of the Institution on its determined effort to re-write the history of Federal University Lokoja as one that its products would be globally competitive; his continuous calls for renewed sense of commitment and dedication to work and studies by all staff and students, as well as his clarion call on students to eschew violence, examination misconduct, cultism and all forms of anti-social behaviours and other bizarre tendencies that can bring disrepute to our society; the Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of the Governing Council, our amiable Professor Nimi Dimkpa Briggs and all members of the Governing Council for providing the University with passionate and honest leadership and guidance.

I sincerely thank the Council, the Management, Staff, Students and indeed, the wider University Stakeholder Community for their support and continuous sacrifices for the betterment of the University and Higher Education in Nigeria generally.

The future is challenging no doubt, but very exciting. Our modest success over the past one year ensures that we shall approach these challenges with confidence, commitment and enthusiasm.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Professor Angela Freeman Miri
Federal University Lokoja,
Kogi State, Nigeria.


The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Angela Freeman Miri in a group photograph with pressmen and some members of staff immediately after the Press Briefing

Audio: Kogi Radio Report on the Vice-Chancellor's One-Year-in-Office