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Logo and Flag of the University


Interpretation of the Logo

The logo of the Federal University Lokoja consists of three (3) concentric shields each having a notch at its upper borders.  The innermost shield contains the confluence of the River Niger and Benue, to signify the uniqueness of its location – Lokoja, which is the confluence of Rivers Niger and Benue. The inner shield also contains the letter FUL in capital, representing the acronym of the university – Federal University Lokoja.  At the lower part of the inner shield, there is an open book signifying the literary aspect of the university.  The background colour is Navy Blue– the colour of the university.  The middle shield is anchored to the outer one by three (3) nails at its borders.  The background colour is White.  The outer shield has a background colour of Navy Blue.  At its upper border is the name of the university written out in capital letters in full – FEDERAL UNIVERSITY LOKOJA.  At its lower part is a ribbon folded twice at its ends.  The ribbon contains the motto of the university – AD ASTRA – a condensed form of the Latin phrase meaning “The Sky is the Limit”.  The Logo was designed by Mr. Ben Okubile Atanu, a Chief Lecturer, Department of Industrial Design, Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja.    


Interpretation of the University Flag

The Federal University Lokoja (FUL) flag has a rectangular shape which is divided into three (3) equal parts with Navy Blue colour at the sides and Sky Blue in the middle.  The Navy Blue depicts Confidence, Intelligence and Authority while the Sky Blue stands for Trust, Transparency and Peace. The flag also has the University Logo embedded in the centre of the middle column.