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Re: Complaints on the Expiration of Tenure of Internal Members of Council of Federal University Lokoja

It has come to the knowledge of the Management of Federal University Lokoja that the Internal Members of the Governing Council are agitating that their tenure, as members of Council has not expired against the available records with the Management.  In all Nigerian Federal Universities, the External Members of Council are appointed and inaugurated by the Visitor for a 4-year tenure.  On the other hand, the Internal Members of Council - four (4) from Senate and two (2) from Congregation are elected by the University Senate and Congregation respectively for a 2-year tenure but can seek re-election for another term.  This position was clearly stated in the appointment letters issued to the Internal Members of Council (see attached).  It was not out of place therefore, to have issued notification of expiration of tenure to the Internal Members of Council (see attached) to enable them seek re-election, if they so desire.