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There is outbreak of Lassa Fever in Nigeria. Lassa fever is one of the most deadly Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers. Case fatalities range from 25%-90%.
Presently about 4 cases are suspected in FMC Lokoja with one fatality already

The Federal University Lokoja Medical Centre Complex has provided a LASSA FEVER RESPONSE DESK. The Vice Chancellor and the management Committee have approved the provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like infrared thermometers, hand gloves, hand sanitizers, face masks, soap and running water etc for Healthcare personnel. Further arrangements are on to provide for the University Community.

All patients with body temperature above 37.5°C are to be sent to the LASSA FEVER RESPONSE DESK without delay. All fevers are to be handled as suspected Lassa Fever until proven otherwise

All personnel are to handle all patients following UNIVERSAL PRECAUTION PROTOCOLS. A flow chart has been produced for the TRIAGE ROOM.

The Federal Ministry of Health, through the Kogi state Ministry of Health via the state Epidemiologist is expected in the University Health Services Centre Complex soon for sensitisation programme.

■ Who is at risk of contacting Lassa Fever?
Everyone especially those who allow contact of body fluids with that of rodents (rats)

■ How do we prevent this contact with rats?
By stopping all rats access to our homes. We may achieve this by closing all holes through which rats may enter our homes. By eliminating all rats. By not preparing and eating rats amongst other methods. By not touching people suffering from Lassa Fever or people who are suspected to have died from Lassa Fever

■ What do we do when we suspect that we have Lassa Fever
We should quickly go to the nearest Hospital and obey all instructions


● FUL Medical Centre Emergency line: 08106188993
● FUL Lassa Fever Response Desk: 08035173307
● FUL Infectious Diseases Team Lead: 08035667473
● Kogi state Ministry of Health (Epidemiologist): 08064469625
● National Centre for Disease Control NCDC: 080097000010

Dr. Mag Ogaraku
Ag. Head of Health Services
Federal University Lokoja