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WORLD AIDS DAY: FUL Directorate of Health Services Sensitizes the University Community


Today, 1st December, is #WorldAIDSDay!

Did you know that:

1. HIV is no longer a death sentence?

2. You can be HIV positive and have a healthy HIV negative family?

3. Women and Children are more affected by AIDS than men?

4. An adolescent woman or girl is infected with HIV every 2 minutes?

5. The test for HIV is free?

6. Women and Children die more from HIV due to inequalities causes by lack of information, lack of access to care, poverty, exposure to sexual crimes?

7. You can help reduce this by educating people and reporting these crimes?

8. The Health Services of Federal University Lokoja offers confidential free counseling and testing for staff and students for HIV and arranges free treatment and follow up services for positive students and staff in collaboration with NGOs?

Don't die in ignorance, reach out to the Health services today. End discrimination and inequalities, contribute towards a world free of HIV/AIDS!

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From the Directorate of Health Services, Federal University Lokoja