Department of Chemistry

Master of Science Degree in Environmental Chemistry

About the Programme

Expected Duration of Programme


  1. A full time Master’s Programme in Chemistry will run for a minimum of 3 semesters and a maximum of 5 semesters.


  1. Part-time Master’s programmes will run for a minimum of 5 semesters and a

Maximum of 8 semesters.


  1. For extension beyond the specified maximum period, a special permission of Senate shall be required.


Requirements for Graduation

To be awarded a Master’s degree candidate must pass a minimum of 30 credit units made up as follows:

  1. Core courses of 24 credit units, including the general courses (16 Units), projects (6 Units) and seminars (2 Units).
  2. Elective courses of 6 credit units
  • A student shall present at least one seminar, submit and defend a Thesis proposal.
  1. A student for a Master’s degree Programme shall carry out research in a relevant area of specialization and submit an acceptable thesis (six credit units compulsory) which must be defended before a panel of external and internal examiners