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Internal/External Advertisement for the Position of Vice-Chancellor



P.M.B. 1154 Lokoja, Kogi State

(Office of the Registrar)


The post of the Vice-Chancellor of the Federal University Lokoja, Kogi State, Nigeria, will become vacant by February 15, 2021. In accordance with the provisions of the Universities (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act No. 11 of 1993 as Amended, the Governing Council of the Federal University Lokoja wishes to  commence the process for the selection and appointment of a new Vice-Chancellor for the University, and hereby invites applications from interested, qualified and distinguished Academics who are required to note the following information for guidance:


Federal University Lokoja (FUL) was among the twelve Universities established by the Federal Government of Nigeria in February, 2011. (Establishment Act 2015). The aim was to not only accelerate equitable access to higher education in Nigeria, but also to build institutions that can support Nigeria’s drive for rapid development through the availability of quality manpower and a knowledge base to drive competitiveness.


To be the best among the newly established Federal Universities in Nigeria and one of the top ten ranked universities in Africa.


To train employable graduates through competency-based teaching, applied research and practical community service to the catchment area, Africa and the world.


A commitment to academic and moral excellence enshrined in Diligence, Innovativeness, Integrity, Responsiveness and Discipline.


i) The Vice-Chancellor is the Chief Executive Officer and Academic Head of the University and Chairman of the Senate and Congregation and Member of the University Governing Council.

ii) He/She shall exercise general supervision over the University and shall have general responsibility to Council for maintaining peace, law and order and promoting efficiency in the University.

iii) It shall be the duty of the Vice-Chancellor to ensure that the provisions of the Law and Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations of the University are observed.

iv.  He/She shall also exercise such powers as may be necessary or expedient for this purpose.


The Candidate for the post of the Vice-Chancellor must possess a good University education from a recognized University and should be of impeccable character, a good manager of human and material resources. Specifically, the Candidate shall be expected to:

i.          Have had a continuous unbroken fifteen (15) years of teaching and research in the University system;

ii.          Be a highly distinguished Scholar of the rank of Professor of not less than seven (7) years standing by February 15, 2021 and demonstrate the ability to provide Academic and Administrative leadership with a clear vision for the development of the young and fast-growing institution for the realization of its mission;

iii.      Regulate the Admission of Students in accordance with the guidelines and procedures approved by the Senate of the University;

iv.           Be proficient in ICT and be current in deploying it at the level required for efficient job performance;

v.         He/She should have had a wide administrative experience and be capable of giving dynamic leadership with a thorough working knowledge of Nigeria’s educational system;

vi.           Be a person who will strengthen the link between staff, students, and other members of the University Community;

vii.      Be one with high scholastic and academic credentials who must have outstanding accomplishments in academics and demonstrate continuous scholarship after his/her promotion to the rank of Professor in terms of continuous production of academic papers, student supervision (especially Masters and PhD), exchanges and collaborations both local, national and international;

viii.        He/She must also have a subsisting teaching or research position in a University;

ix.           Be responsible for discipline in the University;

x.            Be a person who is not likely to foster personal, racial, ethnic, political, religious or other sectional interests;

xi.         Exhibit a demonstrable entrepreneurial drive and ability to attract the much-needed funds and mobilize other resources for the development of the University;

xii.         Be free from any form of financial embarrassment;

xiii.        Be of good physical and mental health;

xiv.        Have a wide and deep experience in all facets of university administration with emphasis on academic programmes;

xv.          Be not more than sixty-five (65) years of age on the 15th February, 2021;

xvi.        Be morally sound and of proven integrity;

xvii.       Be someone who appreciates and acts on merit and who will resist undue pressure; and

xviii.      He/She should submit a short statement of his/her vision for the University, not exceeding 1,000 words.


The Vice-Chancellor shall hold office for a single term of five (5) years only on such terms and conditions as may be specified in the letter of appointment.

The remuneration and other conditions of service are as applicable to the post of Vice-Chancellor in all Nigerian Federal Universities and as may be determined from time to time by the government/Governing Council as appropriate.


1.   Each application should be made in 25 copies and be accompanied by 25 copies of Curriculum Vitae duly signed and dated by the candidates. The Curriculum Vitae must contain the candidate’s name in full, Date of Birth, State of Origin, Marital Status, Educational Attainment, Nationality, Professional and Academic Achievements and any other relevant information.

2.    Each application must be accompanied by 25 printed copies of statement of the candidate’s Vision for the University.

3.   In the case of candidates identified by the Search Team, the application shall conform to the requirements in (i) to (iii) above, in addition to a letter of consent duly signed by the candidate.

4.    Each application should include the names and addresses of three (3) referees. Each referee should be contacted by the applicant to forward directly to the Registrar, a confidential report in a properly sealed envelope marked:

Post of Vice-Chancellor; Referee’s Report at the top left-hand corner of the envelope.

5.    All applications shall be submitted under confidential cover and addressed to:

Registrar and Secretary to Council

Federal University Lokoja

Kogi State.

6.  The sealed envelope(s) containing the applications should be marked “POST OF VICE-CHANCELLOR” at the top left-hand corner and forwarded to reach the Registrar within six (6) weeks of this advertisement.

Candidates should please note that only those who are shortlisted will be contacted.


Usman Suleman Obansa MCIA
Registrar & Secretary to Council